Thursday, March 10, 2016

The Desert Breakfast Club - Greeting Card Set

Greeting Card Set #2 - The Desert Breakfast Club
For my 2016 art show season I'll be offering boxed greeting card sets with some of my more popular paintings. Here is the second set called "The Desert Breakfast Club". The series was inspired by a trip to the Phoenix Desert Botanical Gardens and seeing the various birds enjoying an early breakfast among the saguaro and various other cacti. Later, on a morning walk back home in Texas, I saw a group of birds congregated along phone pole wires one morning and I thought "It's like they are a club". Their behaviors reminded me of the various personalities in "The Breakfast Club" - one of my favorite brat pack movies. It then occurred to me that the birds in my latest painting series were all enjoying breakfast and the name of the series was born. 

I'll be debuting the card sets at the Ladybird Johnson Wildflower Artist and Artisan event in Austin, Texas March 19-20. Additional information and a full list of artists is available on the website at

Following the show, the card sets will be available for order via my website and of course at future shows. The set of cards will be $20.

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