Saturday, March 26, 2016


Colored Pencil on Watercolor Hot Press

I wanted to practice drawing leaves that weren't green. I walked around the yard and found this oxalis. It was really difficult to draw!! Even now, I realize now I didn't finish out the shadows on the bottom left leaf. As I drew, because it took me awhile, the leaf started to wilt, making it hard to draw. May have to visit this one again.


  1. I can only tell which is the real deal and which is the drawing by which is prettier; yours is nicer looking. I think that's what we artist types do- idealize. It's a different sort of honesty than bare realism, more like showing the true beauty that resides in ourselves or the world around us with the veneer of time and weather removed. A way of seeing what's really there, underneath. You've made me think this morning.

    1. Wow Alice - what a wonderful and inspiring comment! I am honored....