Friday, March 25, 2016

Monterrey Oak Shed Leaves - Study

Monterrey Oak Shed Leaves
Colored Pencil Study

I'm behind on my blogging, though I've been posting on Facebook. I like blogging because it's my artistic timeline. So, here goes...

These are some colored pencil drawings of Monterrey Oak shed leaves. In Texas, the Monterrey Oak and Live Oak drop leaves in the spring and almost immediately, put on their new green leaves. I'm taking a class in Botanical Illustration in colored pencil with Wendy Hollender. I didn't get to attend the "live" virutal class on Monday, so watched the recorded session on Tuesday. Following the class, I collected these shed leaves for a drawing session to settle some anxiety. I was really anxious that evening because of some unexpected changes in my worklife. I remembered that the instructor shared personal story how she used drawing to settle her anxiety during a challenging time in her life due to health issues.

I know that enjoy drawing and it takes me into a meditative state, but it has been a long time since I've felt stress. After working through these leaves, I was much more relaxed and slept well. A good reminder about the importance of creativity in my life.

Yes, technically, these leaves need some work. The veins should be more delicate...but they achieved their most important goal for me at the moment - peace.


  1. Lovely lovely work, dear friend :D

  2. I really enjoy your blogs and your art, Anna Lisa.

    1. Thank you Paula! Miss seeing you....I'll be back soon!

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