Monday, March 7, 2016

Marathon Sunset

Marathon Sunset
8 x 10
Pastel on Art Spectrum Colourfix Burnt Umber

Over the weekend, I attended an amazing workshop with Marla Baggetta. The title of the workshop was "Loosen Up Intensive". At the end of the workshop, I thanked Marla for helping me to find my voice and to give myself permission to "be free". For 3 years now, I've been painting pretty much what I see. Sure, I edit photos in my head and in composition. But now, I'm learning to paint what I don't see in new ways. 

One of the things we learned is to shift the values of the various subjects around. For example, compare this source photo with what I've painted above.

What I enjoyed about this photo was the railroad tracks going towards the sunset, and the purple of the mountains against the orange sky (complementary colors). No, the trees are not golden - the trees are actually one of the darker values. For fun, I reversed the trees to be the lightest value. It was positively freeing!

Tomorrow, I'll post my take on the image in the more 'realistic' view with traditional Carlson's Theory of angles. In short, the theory is how light hits a plane and progresses from lightest values to darkest. The lightest source in the landscape is the light - the sky. Subsequently, the flat plane of the land is 2nd, 3rd is angled planes, and finally, 4th is upright planes. 


  1. I love this piece! Very nice work, I think you're onto something.

    1. Marla Baggetta's class freed me from the shackles of reality! We learned so very much!