Thursday, February 18, 2016

Wren and Prickly Pears

Wren and Prickly Pears
10 x 8
Pastel on Art Spectrum Sanded Terra Cotta Paper

It's good to get back to painting, and amazing how quickly one (well me anyway) forget the basics - like composition and value. This is one of those paintings I didn't fully take to a thumbnail sketch before I started. Had I done that, I may have immediately seen that my initial pass at this was too centered and was missing values or contrast. I cropped the piece from 12 x 9 to 10 x 8 and also punched up the value/contrast on the pears and the bird.

Painting is like exercise. One has to keep it up. I'm glad to be feeling better and getting closer to finding my muse.


  1. Hey! Nice to see your work again. I have a question- when you work on a piece of paper that size, do you use regular pastels or are you using Pastel pencils? If so, what brand?

  2. Your beautiful acorn study on Daily Paintworks brought me over to your blog. Really wonderful work. I'll be bookmarking your blog for sure. And I had to chuckle at this particular post because I just wrote a post about practice and forgetting the basics, too!

    1. Thank you for your kindness and bookmark Gabrielle! I'm pleased you enjoyed the acorn studies! I had a great time doing them.