Thursday, February 4, 2016

Pine cone and winged seeds

Pine Cone - East Texas
Winged Seeds

I'm continuing the exercises in my lessons on Botanical Illustration with Wendy Hollender. After acorns, comes pine cones. There aren't any pine cones in Central Texas (at least in most areas). However, a sweet friend of mine gave me some pine cones from East Texas - complete w/some sand. As I picked one up today, the winged seeds fell out. So, I started with the seeds, one at actual size, then again sized x 2. 

The pine cone is another story entirely - definitely a challenging exercise. I chose the one that was most closed. I had it set up on a frog holder and set it on the arm of my mission chair, so now that I think about it, my head was above the pine cone. Therefore, laying down next to the drawing, it's a different angle. Initially, the pine cone on it's branch came complete w/some long needles. Until our new 9 month old cat decided he wanted to sit with me - then he saw the pine cone and it was far too interesting. So, I lost alot of the needles that I had started with. Oh well.

I did draw the pine cone showing one of the winged seeds nestled in it's place. I think when I moved it around later, I think it fell out. Now, retrospectively, I think it's a distraction and makes the whorl of the scales seem crooked. Oh well, we draw and learn. I look forward to doing this one again and doing more studies of the scales alone. They have a very intriguing shape.

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