Sunday, January 24, 2016

Sticks and .....more Sticks

Some water plant stump
Actual stick on the left, drawing on the right
as if I had to tell you
I've spent the last couple of weeks drawing twigs and sticks for the first month of lessons in my Botanical Illustration classes with Wendy Hollender. This is my first experience with professional level pencil colors and it has been interesting. I'm also learning how to create different colors by layering as well as which colors to choose in the limited pallette to be able to create various colors. The waxy quality to these really does lead to a 'polishing' of sort. 

Anyway, not much exciting to share about sticks except that the process can be very humbling. I have so very much to learn. Tomorrow is our first web class. I'm sure I'll be much more excited after the live/distance session.

I suppose I'm also kind of tired. I spent my day cleaning the closet in my studio. The "great purge" as one of my artist friends called it recently. Good gracious I collected alot of bubble wrap scraps and cardboard. I finally invested in some ULine bubble bags for my paintings for storage and transport. I like them already. 

Sticks on left, drawing on right - 

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  1. These aren't ho-hum at all! Now I'm all jealous that I don't get to take this class, too. You're learning/doing wonderful stuff!