Sunday, January 31, 2016

In Search of Acorns

Practing Acorns and repeating patterns
Yesterday and today was about working on my next lessons in my Botanical Illustration class with Wendy Hollender. We had our "Live Meeting" conference call/shared destop session via Adobe this past Monday. It really fired me up and I learned ALOT. The class was engaging and VERY well put together. I'm really starting to appreciate and better understand drawing in colored pencils.  

These are my first forays into lesson 2 which is about roundish forms and repeating patterns in nature. Along with my love of nature and botany, I think repeating patterns and pattern in general are what draw me to natural forms. Mother nature never ceases to amaze me. 

For my lesson, I had to find some acorns. This time of year, the deer have eaten most of them, so I found alot of empty "cups". I did find a few smaller acorns including a couple in various stages of sprouting! I need to work on measuring more accurately as my acorns tended to grow. That or do better with purposely increasing size x 2 or x 4. These acorns are really tiny. Be sure to click on the photo for up close views. Next up will be a big Burr Oak Acorn and pine cones. I'll be asking my friends for pine cones - as I don't have many here in Central Texas. 

Doing this drawing is very helpful to me, and it's giving me time to think about my next series of pastel drawings. I have no idea what to draw right now. After our vacation to Tulum, I had planned a series of paintings inspired by that trip. Perhaps it's time do those. Also, I need to draw wildflowers for the upcoming shows at the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center in March and April. Flowers it is....

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