Sunday, December 27, 2015

You can Tone a Spoon - but you can't Tune a Fish

Drawing Classes
Based on
Botanical Drawing in Color
by Wendy Hollender

I've been looking for something to energize my artistic journey. Usually, that means it's time to learn something new. I took a couple of watercolor classes over 15 years ago (with Gale Gassiot), and of course I've taken many pastel classes with different instructors (Enid Wood, Mike Beeman, Albert Handell and Sally Strand). What I've not done is drawing classes per se. I didn't take art in college, and retrospectively, I wish I had. 

When I was at the Wild Ideas event at the Wildflower Center earlier this month, one of the other artists (or a patron) shared that some virtual/distance botanical drawing classes were coming up this year with Wendy Hollender. I draw/paint alot of plants, so this opportunity sounds like it's right up my alley. Virtual classes done on my time work well with my work travel. I checked out her videos, website, and ordered her book. Though the class is for colored pencils, I think there will be alot of crossover to pastels. I downloaded the list of supplies from the website. Last night, I ordered the supplies (thank you Dick Blick). Last night and today, I decided to do some "Look Inside" reading of the book I ordered on Amazon. From that reading, this is what I've done today. I've learned alot - and I think I'm going to take the class. 

By the way, do you know to what Band/Album I'm referring in my title?

Value Scale and Toning a Spoon
Big A$$ Lemon
(NOT from our Meyer Lemon Tree)

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