Thursday, December 31, 2015

Texas Winecups

Texas Winecups
7 x 5
Pastel on Pastel Premier Sanded Paper

I'm continuing with my studies of botanical drawing. My Wendy Hollender book arrived earlier than expected along with many of my general drawing tools (Tombow pencils, erasers, eraser shield). I am most pleased with the Da Vinci goat hair drafting brush because it is sooooo soft. They must have bleached/treated the goat hair. 

Today, I practiced more sticks, and various geometric shapes, cup and cone. (I had already collected sticks and practiced a couple last night). I'm using natural light from the window, and the shadows have  gap between the stick and shadow since they are not flush to the surface. I got frustrated with that. Once I had enough of sticks and shapes, I proceeded into these Texas Winecups. I felt very stiff. Knowing what's "right" and wanting to do what is in my soul was a battle. All the best artists know the rules, they just knowingly break them as needed or desired.

I used some old watercolor pencils today vs pastel pencils. My colored pencils and proper paper will arrive next week - after the holidays - bummer. So, I'm going to draw anyway.