Monday, December 28, 2015

Sweet Cream Spike

Sweet Cream Spike
18.75 x 28.75
Pastel on Mi Teintes Board in Tobacco

Sometimes, life is circular. That's the beauty of aging, we begin to see those patterns. Patterns of lessons presenting themselves over and over again. We live in a spiritual classroom. Painting is a classroom for me. There, I learn not only lessons in art, but lessons about myself. 

I had been painting smaller paintings for some time, and just felt the need to spread out and do something larger. I searched my cactus photos and found a squat view of my little cream spike agave. I proceeded to paint on a tobacco (Brown) colored board. As I began working up a background, I decided I needed to vary the color. Instead of rust colored (like Aloe Sunset), I decided to opt for something more lively, so I picked up a magenta and a melon orange. As I stepped away from the painting, I realized, I'd come full circle. Two years ago, around this time, I painted Venti Agave with Cream. So similar - yes, the same subject, different orientation and crop. However, try as I might, it's a similar background. May be, a little brighter, but still the same. I suppose that is the lesson - that green and orange together are just nice. Period. And....I need to explore other pleasing harmonies.

Value sketch on Tobacco board - start of Rust Background

New "Brighter" background
on Sweet Cream Spike

Aloe Sunset with a "Rust" background

Venti Agave with Cream

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