Monday, December 7, 2015

Petite Pear Parade

Petite Pear Parade
7 x 5
Pastel on Pastel Premier Sanded Paper

The Fall show season is officially closed for me. I did my last show over the weekend and spent today unpacking, straightening, cleaning and finally relaxing. Relaxing for me means painting. I went to the store many days ago and picked up some fruit and it's been sitting in the refrigerator waiting until I had time to do some still life work from life.

These are some tiny little petite pears. I took them into my studio and set them on a navy blue towel until I could figure out where to set them up. Well, they were set exactly where they needed to be - on blue. The yellow green, red and oranges of the pears were delightful against the blue. So - there they stayed in the afternoon light. I lined them up and was quite fascinated with the shadows they cast on each other. 

Here's the "warm up" pear painting and the second "Petite Pears". I think I will do them again on Wallis or UArt paper. I've decided I'm not that crazy about white Pastel Premier paper. Too finely toothed. Fills too quickly.