Sunday, August 23, 2015

Home Sweet Cholla

Home Sweet Cholla
18 x 12
Pastel on UArt 500 Sanded Paper
Here's another Cactus Wren from the Phoenix Desert Botanical Garden. My friend took me to where he knew she had been building a nest in a Cholla or Chain Fruit plant. 

I really took some risks with this painting. It's one of the loosest paintings I've done in some time. I had been thinking on this painting for awhile...since June in fact. Once I decided on the crop of the photo, I did my usual thumbnail in my sketchbook to sort out placement and value. Once I sketched this one in, I decided to add some clear texture to create the texture of the cholla in the sunlight. I also did some around the nest area. I had alot of fun with this painting and it came to be in a matter of about 3 hours. I suppose all the thinking paid off as did just doing what I felt without judging my thoughts.

Original Photo

Cropped and light adjusted

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