Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Two Peaches and Plums

Two Peaches and Plums
5 x 7
Pastel on UArt 600 Sanded Paper

I'm practicing working from "life" - this means working from the actual still life setup of fruit and bowl vs a photo of the setup.  I learned in both my class with Sally Strand and also in a private critique she did of my work that it's something I should do - at least once a week. 

In a painting session I did a couple of weeks ago I observed the difference first hand. The bowl I was painting in real life had distinct reflections from the dishcloth - not so in the photo. The colors in the lemons were also represented a more full range of color. Sure, I notice when I take photos of my paintings they are NEVER as vibrant as they are in real life. However, I never really noticed the differences of a real life piece of fruit or a bowl vs the photo. 

I also took some advice from a book by Carol Marine. She cruises thrift stores for bowls, cups etc. to use in still life setups. I had been searching for a cobalt blue bowl and my brain said "stop here now" one day as I drove by. So I stopped - and they had blue bowls that day. I also picked up a very nice square off white bowl. The universe validated my stop. When paying, the bill was 2.79. I pulled out a 5 dollar bill and then dumped out my change. It was exactly 0.79!

Here's the white square bowl w/some plums and peaches. I enjoyed working on this one.

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