Monday, July 6, 2015

Shadowdancers - UPDATED!

12 x 9
Pastel on UArt 500 Sanded Paper
UPDATED with new Golden Yellow background!
More from the Phoenix Desert Botanical Garden. What I liked about this agave as how the light illuminated the leaves revealing only the shadows of the two center leaves behind another leaf. The shadows were very intriguing.

As I painted the piece, I also came to like the piles of palos verdes leaves piled up in the cupping of the lower leaves. Here's a the resource photo and progress shots. I remembered the timer on this one! 

After I did the initial painting, I let it sit for 9 days. I just didn't feel 'right' about it. I came back and changed the background from purple to yellow. Purple seemed more like a night shot w/moonlight - but it seems to lack punch. The yellow gives more of the heat of sunrise. I'm curious to know which you prefer. 

Thanks as always for stopping in and for sharing! 

Purple Background
Yellow Background

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