Monday, June 29, 2015

Lemon Blues

Lemon Blues
9 x 12
Pastel on UArt 600 Sanded Paper
I love summertime. I love the variety of fresh fruits available. I also enjoy creating still life "stages" with these fruits. Digging around the house putting together interesting setups with different dishes and dish towels. I went through a blue phase years ago and still have much of the glassware and dish towels. I use ALOT of lemons. I use their juice on vegetables and salads instead of salad dressings. 

Here's a few lemons enjoying their color complement of the blue water pitcher. I'm following the recommendations of Sally Strand and painting "from life" vs photos more often. I had a hard time just rendering the drawing. I finally wiped it all down and then toned the paper and it went much better. I had a good time w/the reflections. I was surprised that the ceramic bowl had as much reflection as it did. The photo surely didn't show it as clearly! This was also my first try at glass. 

I remembered to set the timer, so here's a few progress shots. Thank you as always for reading and viewing my diatribe. I appreciate the comments and shares. Oh- and big thanks to my friend Chris B for her suggestions on "Summer Plums" I've made some adjustments and it really helped the bowl "sit down"

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  1. Love, LOVE blue and yellow together. These still life's lately are very nice.