Saturday, May 9, 2015

Opulent Opuntia

Opulent Opuntia
12 x 9
Pastel on UArt 600
I'm BAAAACCK!!!! So glad to be back! So good to be painting again. It was a crazy busy April with shows and other art related activities, and my day job too. After the Belton show April 25th, I took a weekend off. Boy did I need it. I feel revitalized and filled with ideas and creativity and am ready to get them out on paper. It was a frenzy of painting fun meter is pegged and my foot is still on the gas.

I think that is why the title of this painting came to mind - opulent. Yes, there are alot of flowers on this Opuntia (also known as beaver tail), but I also feel it is opulent in it's color as well. My friends Casey and Lisa took this photo and I just LOVED it - of course. I am a color addict and a botanical addict. When I get both together I'm in heaven. Of course, I do pump up the colors quite a's my heritage I suppose - though that's a bit stereotypical.

The other cool thing about this painting is that I reused a piece of paper that I was doodling on for upcoming commission. It was mostly shades of green. Here's my reference photo (before cropping) and the base reused paper.

Put your seat belts on, there will be a flurry of work coming! As always, thank you for visiting my blog, for reading. Shares on Facebook and other social media are always welcomed and appreciated!

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