Friday, May 15, 2015


12 x 9
Pastel on UArt 600 Sanded Paper
I visited my sister in law's garden recently - okay, I guess it's my brother's garden too. They are my garden heroes (as was my mom). It is ALWAYS such a magical place. I love going over and just strolling around in the gardens to see what's new and what wonderful creative things she's done lately. This last time we were over in March (early April?), I spent some time taking photos of the blooming flowers like this Columbine. In this case, I got to see a VERY special visitor - a bee!!! 

I've been thinking I'd like to learn more about bee keeping. There are some bee keeping classes coming up. I remember our neighbors had bee hives when I was a kid (maybe - you know how childhood memories can be sometimes). So, when I read the post about upcoming bee keeping classes, I thought I'd do up another painting with a bee tribute. My last painting with a bee was Purplicious, named because the flower was a mountain laurel which smell like grape bubblegum - so I was thinking about Bubblicious. 

PS - HOLY COW! I just googled my Purplicious post and found a children's book called Purplicious! Too fun - and the subject matter sounds wonderful: Pinkalicious loves the color pink, but all the girls at school like black. They tease her, saying that pink stinks and pink is for babies. But Pinkalicious doesn't think so…that is, until her friends stop playing with her. Now Pinkalicious has a case of the blues. But could she ever turn her back on her favorite color? In the follow-up to the bestselling Pinkalicious, a young girl remains true to herself and discovers that pink isn't only a pretty color, but also a powerful one.

That story line makes me think - BEE True to yourself! Someone very important to me often reminds me to practice as a Human BE-ing not so much a Human DO-ing.

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