Wednesday, April 8, 2015


12 x 9
Pastel on Mi Tientes Sanded Board

Continuing in the water garden and pond life theme is "Poised". Represented are a lovely pale yellow almost white water lily nestled in by a pickerel rush leaf. Poised on the edge of the pickerel rush leaf is a dragonfly. It's usually late spring or early summer when the dragonflies show up. By fall, they are positively swarming. This guy has a more gold/brown and black body. His wings are fairly unremarkable except for a very narrow black band at the top edge. I have also had visiting dragonflies with bodies of the blue and green variety. My most favorite though are the black ones with wings that are very markedly white with black spots. Perhaps I'll get some photos of him this year.

In this painting, I tried to avoid detail on the water lily pads. The painting is about the Dragonfly and the lily. I suppose that could have been another name - Lily and Dragonfly - kind of like "Dog and Butterfly" or "Beauty and the Beast"...but the dragonfly is not a beast. Certainly not like Smaug the great and stupendous. I don't think this guy will be breathing fire any day soon.

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