Monday, April 6, 2015

Pink a Boo

Pink a Boo
12 x 9
Pastel on Sanded Mi Tientes Board
Spring has sprung.  The trees have their leaves and the oaks are about finished dropping their fluffy flowers. Landscape plants have all kinds of new growth and some are starting to bloom - Coral Honeysuckle, Salvia Greggii, and my lavender. The Mountain Laurel is still going, though I notice the flowers beginning to fade. I've mulched, and mulched, and mulched - 8 cubic yards. Next truck is coming soon. I love a garden workout because the results are so enjoyable. Now that the majority of the ground work is done, it's time to get ready to enjoy the pond growth. I've cleaned out the dead plants and cleaned the bio falls. The pond generally goes through an murky phase, but now she's clearing up nicely and I can see that I have WAY too many fish. 

As my water gardening phase begins, I am also beginning a new series of pastel botanicals of the water sort. It will include water lilies such as this one - Albert Greenberg. It's a lovely pink with variegated pads. This lily is semi tropical (I think) and it takes a bit longer to get going than the hardy lilies. For this next series of paintings, I'm considering lilies, lotus, pickerel rush, dragonflies, frogs and of course koi. I have lots of photo material and hope to gather more this summer. Here's a couple of progress shots of "Pink a Boo" on it's journey. The Mi Tientes board is Tobacco brown. I underpainted with Pan Pastels. What you can't see is the wonderful iridescent blues and greys in the water areas. I only got a couple of photos because once I got "in the zone" I forgot to take more. I must remember to set a timer. 

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