Monday, April 13, 2015

Phantom Leaves

Phantom Leaves
12 x 9
Pastel on Art Spectrum White

This painting is a revisit of Ghost Leaves which is a 14 x 10 piece.  Though similar to Ghost Leaves, Phantom Leaves is of course slightly different, even in size. This painting has colors more on the cool side. When painting a subject we've done before it's like visiting an old friend. You know the way to their house, remember the turns, and the way the road winds around. You even know what pot holes to watch out for....but you still manage to hit a few.  But like each visit to your friend's house, it's a different time and a different conversation. That is how it is to revisit a painting. It's the same - but different. I really enjoy painting agave and because I do them often, when I move the pastel around the paper, it's as if I'm caressing the leaf with my hand. I feel how the leaf is shaped. I know the bend in the middle, the hollow on the other side. The thickness of the base and the curve of the thorns. The agave are my friends in so many ways. I hope we stay friends a long time.

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