Sunday, March 29, 2015

Radiant Dance

Radiant Dance
10 x 8
Pastel on UArt 500 Sanded Paper
Yes! Yes! Yes! It was indeed a radiant day today! Spring is springing, the sun shining, not a cloud in the sky. Birds singing, fish swimming, and me painting on the screened in porch! It's a delightful way to paint outside without having to deal with bugs and dragging all my things all the way outside across the pond to the shady area. The screened in porch is that "in between" space. It also helps that I can turn on the ceiling fan when it gets a little too warm - and the low 80's qualify.

This is the second in the series of cactus flowers. Love the golden yellows and how the light is shining through the petals. I also like the deep dark center of the flower and how all the little stamens are dancing about the pistil in the center. I realize as I am typing this that it's kind of like a metaphor for the floral reproductive process. The males are dancing around the female at the center. It's so appropriate for the day as all the animals are starting their rituals. I heard the male hummingbirds doing their aerial dance to impress the ladies. It's that little whirring sound as they do the big looping arcs in the sky. I don't always see the guy, sometimes I just hear him. Yes, spring has sprung, the dance begins.

Here's a couple of progress shots below. I started with a hard pastel color block in followed by an alcohol wash.

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