Saturday, February 28, 2015

Three Chicks

Three Chicks
11 x 8.5
Pastel on Archival Card Stock
I'm continuing to get ready for the Artists Alliance of the Hill Country Studio Tour. This is a new piece I'm considering adding to the show. In the line of some early work - "Rick's Chick" and "Flower Chick", I'm adding a third chick. This one is three specimens of the succulent commonly known as "hens and chicks". This painting puts the blooms and the plants together, where as "Rick's Chick" is just the plant and "Flower Chick" is just the Flower. I really like hens and chicks - both the plant type and the chicken type. I just wish they didn't freeze. Someday, I'll have a green house where I can over winter them. Looking forward to spring, sunshine, dirt and digging! Hope these guys give you a feeling of spring and summer.

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Until next time - Anna Lisa

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