Monday, February 9, 2015

Take a Penny

Take a Penny
11 x 8.5
Pastel on Archival Card Stock
The Titmouse is a funny little bird. He generally never sits at the feeder very long. He stays only long enough to grab a sunflower seed then promptly flies up to a tree branch with his find. He then proceeds to pound away at the seed until it opens and he has prize. A friend once said to me it was as if he was at the check out counter and was taking a penny from the tray to pay his bill. Now, whenever I see the titmouse take his seed, I think to myself "Take a Penny". 

Still working on the archival card stock. I like the change and smoothness. There is a reasonable number of warm shades in green, terra cotta and raw sienna from which to choose. I got ALOT of painting done over the weekend - so lots to share coming up.

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