Friday, February 20, 2015

Splendor at Sunrise

Splendor at Sunrise
18 x 12
Pastel on Canson Mi Tientes Board
in Indigo Blue

Just like with the supermodel photo shoots, it's best to take photos for painting at those magical light moments in the early morning and evening. The light is golden and the shadows are long - which makes for very interesting paintings. The contrast between light and dark is what draws the viewer's eye. Truly, everyone and everything is usually more visually appealing during those enchanting twilight hours. 

This painting is a revisit of "Suncatcher" (12 x 9) from December last year. I liked that painting very much, and it sold very quickly. This is a larger version I am making specifically for the Artists Alliance of the Hill Country Studio Tour April 11-12. Recently, two of three paintings I entered were accepted for a juried competition - and they happened to be the Agave in the bunch, so those will be otherwise occupied at another exhibit during the studio tour. Therefore, I'm creating some new bigger painting stock for the tour event. I'm also gearing up for an Art and Wine Event in Belton, Tx April 28th 12-7pm. More details to follow on the event in Belton. Details on other events are on my Facebook page and my website.

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