Saturday, February 14, 2015

Golden Girl

Golden Girl
11 x 8.5
Pastel on Archival Card Stock
As the days get warmer, I take my easel four wheeling. Well - through the house and out to the screened in porch. My honey was wonderful enough to put 4 all direction caster wheels on my easel. It's such a pleasure to work outside and hear the birds I am painting. 

This little lady is the girlfriend of the male lesser goldfinch - the rude dude. For every pot there is a lid - or so the saying goes. She is a bit more drab than the screaming yellow male, but she is no less pretty. Sometimes, I see them together at the feeder - opposite sides. This was one of those times - I just transferred her to a field. I often see the finch in the fields close by as they forage for thistle seeds.

1 comment:

  1. She's a beauty! The soft pastels lend a nice look to her plumage, Anna Lisa.