Thursday, February 12, 2015


11 x 8.5
Pastel on Archival Card Stock

Celebrating 100 posts and near 5000 views!! 

There is no better bird that I can think of to celebrate 100 posts with than our little chickadee. The chickadee is a busy little bird. His song "chick a dee" is often clear and we do a call and answer when I'm out in the yard. It's like the Mocking Jay in "The Hunger Games" series. I hear the little guy call, I whistle back, and he returns again. My oldest sister called our Dad her little chickadee - busy all the time. My Dad lived to be 98. I attribute that longevity to clean living and always staying on the go in his yard. He mowed his yard until he was 92. Now, clean living didn't mean clean eating - as he was quite the Milky Way addict. He kept them in the freezer - yum!! When we were children, we got chocolate milk before bed. When living in his senior community when he was 95, he observed one of the staff sitting on a bench crying. He promptly went to his apartment and returned with jelly beans. What a guy! Here's to you Chickadito!!! Thanks for teaching me to stay busy!

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