Sunday, January 18, 2015

The Golden Edge

The Golden Edge
12 x 9
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Rules. I don't like them. I prefer to live more by the Pirate Code stated in the movie Pirates of the Caribbean: "..... the Code is more what you'd call guidelines than actual rules." While I do like is a certain level of order, it doesn't mean that it's rules. What does this have to do with a painting? It's the odd way my mind works - kind of all over the place. When trying to name this painting (oh look, there's a squirrel) I saw the golden lines that edge the leaves. Golden lines kind of reminded me of "The Golden Rule". Rule - ugh. I prefer to live a little more on the edge. My goal is to push myself to do something I don't think I can do. Sometimes it means having the support of friends because sometimes I can't do something alone - but together we can! Sometimes it's trainers who tell me - just 5 more, or just a little faster on the treadmill. I don't think I can, but then I do. It's amazing what we have within us. 

If you have a dream, live it. Seize the day!!! The time is NOW! Push yourself beyond your edges. Carpe Diem!


  1. Your agave are gaining in strength. Fun to watch your process.

    1. Alice Jo Webb - thank you so much for the encouragement!!