Saturday, January 31, 2015

Morning Agave Star

Morning Agave Star
12 x 9
Pastel on UArt Sanded Paper

Another in the "star" series of agave...that is the top down view. This is an artichoke agave.  I did the left and right sides, so it was time to do the rising star. I thought about venus as the "morning star" - or evening star depending on the time of year. I couldn't see Venus in a cactus, though I do think cacti are beautiful. So, I left it as a morning star. I have a 4th direction, the evening star forthcoming.....


  1. Do you have the evening star piece completed yet? Please reply

    1. Hi Wayne - The Evening Star was created around the same time period. It is part of a series of 4. Here is the link which shows the last Evening Star and the 4 together

      All Four stars in the series SOLD just last week. I feel very blessed that my collector appreciated my vision of the four together.