Saturday, January 10, 2015


14 x 10
Pastel on UArt Paper

Last Sunday - was truly a Sun Day. Though cold, I ventured out of doors to snap a few photos of the cacti in the rockin' rock garden along my front yard by the street. This is "Mr. Ripple". The Yucca Do nursery site says this agave will "stop traffic". Yup. This really nifty green agave has seriously rippled leaves. I absolutely love this guy! The undulation of the leaves creates wonderful shadows. I turned the actual photo clockwise 90 degrees so it was horizontally oriented vs vertically. I really enjoyed painting this piece and could hardly wait to share it with you all!

My sound track this time was my Pandora station of "The Scorpions". So I got a little of them, Guns n' Roses, Motley Crue, etc. I had a fabulous time - until my significant told me to turn down the music! What!!? No way! He said it's time to build a studio. Oh that I could! I'm saving my pennies to build a studio that overlooks the pond in the backyard :)

Here's the live "Mr Ripple" and some progress shots...


  1. Oh girl, I so love your botanical pieces. Bravo!

  2. Wow, now you're cooking with gas! This one is eye candy. Way. To. Go.

  3. Thank you Shan! I love hearing from you!

    1. WOW! Thanks Alice Jo! What an inspiring comment. I'm honored!