Sunday, January 25, 2015

Cream Spike Star

Cream Spike Star
14 x 10
Pastel on UArt Paper
Here's another top down view of one of my smaller agave. This is the Cream Spike Agave. Last year, another view of her won an award at the Austin Pastel Society juried exhibit (Thank you to our juror Clayton J. Beck III). That painting was Venti Agave with Cream and was the post that began this blog last year - 90 blog posts ago. The name - cream spike reminded me of coffee. This one was Venti as in it's a really big painting. 

This 'star' version is part of a series which started with "Kaleidoscope" and continued with "Blue Glow Star". I think next will be the Artichoke agave. 
I'm including a side by side with "Blue Glow Star". I really liked the two together

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