Friday, December 5, 2014

Hide and Peep

Hide and Peep
11 x 8.5
Pastel on Archival Card Stock
Another mostly gray day. I think I have seasonal affective disorder....and it's only been a few days. I would never survive the Pacific NW. Tomorrow is supposed to be pretty. Feeling rather uninspired today. So, because I'm not "in the zone" (of painting that is) I got out the less expensive paper and decided to doodle. Well, I doodled in my sketch book first, then on the paper - it's rust colored and 100% smooth - no sand/texture.

This is "Madonna and Chicks" from Oct 29th, back for a return engagement. Appears to be a game of "Hide and Go Seek" - but the way the way these little chicks play, it's more like "Hide and Peek" or maybe "Hide and Peep". Either way, it looks like fun.

Oh my! I do believe I see some blue sky now!! Hurray!!!

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