Saturday, November 29, 2014


12 x 9
Canson Mi Tientes Paper - Smooth Side
The items in this still life represent the pond in my backyard. A wonderful little ecosystem. I added animals including koi and goldfish (aka "de-koi"). I also added plants -  water lily, and lotus, etc. It's also a home for animals who choose to visit such as snakes, blue herons, and dragonflies.

The treasured objects include:
  • A Mexican made flute with a snake image- 
    • Represents serene native american flute music which I enjoy and often listen to when painting
    • The snake on the flute - An animal totem representing transmutation or shedding of the skin - the life-death-rebirth cycle. On a physical level, it represents snakes who live by the pond and eat the frogs, toads, tadpoles and fish
  • A blue heron feather - an animal totem representing the power of knowing the self by discovery of it's gifts and facing its challenges. Blue heron is also the expert fisherman of koi and goldfish (aka "de-koi")
  • The lotus pod - representing the lotus flower once bloomed and seeds for the lotus of the future. The Lotus flower represents purity and spiritual awakening
  • The dragonfly - an animal totem which represents the illusionary facade we accept as physical reality.

Wow. I didn't even realize what I'd put together until I wrote it all out. Hmmm - these are pretty powerful symbols. I don't think it's random. What does it all mean? I'd be interested to hear your interpretations. 

Here's what I put together: A picture in the minds eye of stillness and peace with the music of the flute. Find the medicine of snake within your being for transmutation. Embrace the blue heron medicine and be gifted with the power of personal discovery. Accept the challenges in your life and the grace to walk the life-death-rebirth cycle. See the lotus flower and see your spiritual awakening and with dragonfly, see through the illusions we create for ourselves in this world.

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