Friday, November 28, 2014

Circle of Life

Circle of Life
9 x 12
Canson Mi Tientes Paper - Textured side
I am back to the easel again, post holidays, Day 2 of stay-cation, 9 more to go. I hope to do a lot of painting over the next week. 

I've found as I look at others' art, I am always and inevitably drawn to still life with the dark moody background - chiaroscuroI also particularly like still life that has meaning, like a puzzle put together by the artist. I've decided to give it a whirl. I bought some black foam core board and made a still life box. Then, I went on the hunt for interesting objects in the house. 

This painting has some found treasures from the past: 

A Decorative Mexican Pot - which once belonged to my mother
A Nest - rescued from a fallen tree in our yard
A Cooper's Hawk Feather - also found in our yard

In my odd little brain, this represents "The Circle of Life": A decorative mexican pot representing my heritage, my mother, and a vessel for growing things. The nest and eggs symbolizing a safe home for mothers giving birth and raising children, who will ultimately leave the nest to begin their own life. Finally, the Cooper's hawk feather, the natural predator of song birds, representing death. It's the beginning and end of life - the circle, and the treasures we collect in between. None of these items are valuable, but they mean the world to me because they represent love and the fragility of life. At this holiday time of year, we pause to take a moment to count our blessings and express gratitude. For me, I am particularly grateful for my family - both by blood and by choice. This includes the family before us, family with us, and family to come. It's all just fleeting, like the blink of an eye in the great cosmic plan. Carpe Diem!


  1. Love it! That nest draws my eye in, and then travel around the piece. Lovely :)

    1. Thank you Shan! Very good to know how your eye traveled through the piece.