Monday, October 27, 2014

The Handful

The Handful
Pastel on UArt Sanded Paper
7 x 6

A Handful. First I had to figure out how to spell it! Was it 'hand full', 'handfull'? No, Miriam Webster on line spells it 'handful'. Well - that's great, but what really is a handful? 


 noun \ˈhan(d)-ˌfl\
: an amount that you can hold in your hand
: a small amount or number
: someone or something that is difficult to control

How about all of the above!? That's what this little guy is - an amount you can hold in your hand, small, and potentially difficult to control - as in "those kids are a handful!" This little handful is a chick that belonged to my friend Gaynor. I couldn't resist.

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