Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Madonna and Chicks

Madonna and Chicks
12 x 9
Art Spectrum Sanded Paper in Terra Cotta

This is Madonna and her Chicks, and I don't mean the "Material Girl" with a bunch of her dancers. No, this is something much more fluffy and quiet. This is another one of my friend Gaynor's chickens. This lovely hen just seems so content, or maybe she is just worn out. Anyway, this was too lovely it just begged to be painted. 

I started this one on Art Spectrum Sanded Paper in Terra Cotta. I sketched it in, then underpainted with Pan Pastels. From there, it's my usual combination of soft pastels. I did do some editing and added the top of what I would have expected the photo to be. I had another reference photo where Madonna's tail feathers were showing. I hope you enjoy her as much as I enjoyed painting her. Thank you again to Gaynor!

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