Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Los Gallos Hermanos

Los Gallos Hermanos
12 x 9
Pastel on Art Spectrum Sanded Paper
Price: $150

I am thrilled to share that this painting SOLD in less than 24 hours!

Allow me to introduce you to the Rooster Brothers - or Los Gallos Hermanos. The name of course made me laugh - but credit for this play on pop culture names goes to Rick. Those of you who watched "Breaking Bad" will understand.

These guys are done on Art Spectrum "Leaf Green Dark" sanded Paper in with a mix of Sennelier, Terry Ludwig and NuPastels. The best part is that the tail feathers in the photo have iridescent purples, blues and greens. Clearly this called for the Sennelier iridescent pastels. It's a shame I can't get those sparkles in the photo. This one has to be seen in person to really appreciate it. I opted to alter the rooster in the background a bit. In the photo he is competing for attention (and moving). I decided to push him a bit to the back so the front guy can take a bow. I like this one so much, I may do another one and change up the colors a bit.

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