Friday, October 24, 2014

Got Chips?

Got Chips?
9 x 12
Art Spectrum Sanded Paper
Price $150
The road to Big Bend National Park is a long flat road. Fortunately, there is a lovely place to stop along the way - The Caverns of Sonora. The guided walk through the caverns takes about an hour. While waiting for your group to go through, you can have a snack and look around the gift shop. We went outside with our respective bags of chips and sodas. We opened the bag and suddenly we had some new friends - peacocks! They heard those bags rustle and it was like a dinner bell. They were pretty insistent and seemed to prefer the spicy chips. Here's a peahen and peacock inquiring "Got Chips?"

I did this piece on Art Spectrum Burnt Umber paper. After a sketch in, I underpainted with Pan Pastels. I finished out with a combination of Terry Ludwig, Sennelier, NuPastel and some Great American. If you look closely at the source photo there is a third peacock peeking out from behind the hen. I may do this piece again and include him too.

Sketch in  and start of Underpainting

Completed Underpainting

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