Friday, September 26, 2014


20 x 16
Canson Board

I've returned from a very inspiring trip to Utah. I had been kind of in the painting blahs. I found my mojo again in Utah. Utah is filled with stunning natural wonders and Native American history - how could I not be inspired? I continue to be fascinated with the petroglyphs and pictographs from the past which depict not only people and animals, but also track time, the moon and sun. There is a sort of reverence I feel being in these places where these Indians once stood.

My friend Big and I were like two little girls again exploring the Fremont Indian State Park and some "wild" petroglyphs out a bit further west. The park had a reproduction of a Fremont Indian pit house. I expected the pit house would be like an oven, but it was very cool - almost better than air conditioning! The view from the house up the ladder leading to the outside sky felt mystical to me. Looking up to the heavens. Could I climb closer to the Great Spirit?

I will definitely be exploring this subject more and probably be painting something like this for my own home - in a very large size.