Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Teeny Tiny Lizard

Teeny Tiny Lizard
7 x 5
UArt Sanded Paper

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Still working on smaller paintings, and small subjects...and....a break from birds for real this time!. Right outside my office window there are some Glossy Abelia bushes. They get pretty big, but the flowers are tiny - maybe about the size of one of my fingernails. I see all kinds of things out of my window, hummingbirds, wrens, sometimes even a screech owl in the hollow of the cedar tree. But in the Abelia, occasionally, I'll see something falling from leaf to leaf. That's when I see him (or her?). A teeny tiny baby green Anole lizard. Tiny as they are, they are still out catching gnats, and of course, doing push ups and puffing out their pink gullet on their neck. I couldn't resist this tiny one. Hope he's irresistible to you too!

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