Sunday, August 17, 2014

Morning Blues

Morning Blues
12 x 9
Art Spectrum Aubergine

Blue Heron, my nemesis. He comes by dawn and dusk, for a little snack from the pond - my koi. He's pretty smart. Learned how to avoid the "scarecrow" which is a motion detector sprinkler. We have put a net over the pond in the winter to catch falling leaves and provide protection when there is no plant cover for the fish. The heron found his way under the net. Next, we ordered a plastic decoy heron. Since the blue heron is a territorial hunter, they aren't supposed to come to a pond with another heron. I've included a picture of our heron standing next to the decoy heron. I think it thought it might be a new mate. So, now we just keep goldfish. My brother in law who is quite clever says they are our "De-Koi". 

The source photo was taken on a cold grey winter morning and the pickerel rush was all frozen and yellowed. It was kind of a golden morning, so we got a bit of peachy color to some of his feathers. True to his form as my nemesis, even his painting was a challenge. He came out looking more like a goose at first. So I wiped it down and started again. Not every painting is a success, some are just "okay". Without the challenging days, we don't learn. We don't remember we have to return to the basics. 

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