Sunday, August 10, 2014


12 x 9
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In the bird world, seems the boys get all the attention. The male painted bunting is like a technicolor rainbow, the Cardinal bright red. For hummingbirds you have Ruby Throated male with a gorget of vibrant red, Rufous with the copper, and even the Black Chinned who really has a violet gorget if he's in the right light. Then there is the female of the species. Understated, like the simple black dress. 

This little girl had her back to me as I took photos. She was sitting on the same branch where the Ruby Throat male sat (see my post "Ruby Rebel"). She's so delicate and pretty, and even has markings as if she has on eyeliner. She fluffed her tail out and her white tipped tail feathers stood out like a beacon. Almost as if she had a dress on and she raised up her skirt a bit and her slip was showing (as if women still wore slips). She turned her head over her shoulder as if to say "Yes, I see you, but I'm only mildly interested" It's a provocative little pose, so she became "Coquette" - defined as "a woman who endeavors without sincere affection to gain the attention and admiration of men." I hope she gets your attention and wins your heart like she did mine.

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