Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Clear Blue Ruhu

Clear Blue Ruhu
12 x 9
Art Spectrum Deep Ultramarine

Clearly, I'm in a hummingbird phase. I'm back to the little Rufous that spent the winter with us. He was out on a clear blue Day in December when I took the source photo for this piece. I really like the orange against the blue and the light on coming in from the left. He's sitting in a Shin Oak in my backyard. Of course, he could see his feeder from his perch and vigorously defended it. I tried really hard that afternoon to catch a photo of him turning into the sun at exactly the right angle so I could get a look at the "copper" shine of his throat. Alas, I never got the correct angle and always got the "dark" non shiny look. Earlier in September, when they first arrived, I got a shot where I could see a few copper feathers at the base of the throat where the color met the white feathers on a female. 

I named this piece "Clear Blue Ruhu" in honor of a very special friend whom I met while doing business in Michigan. He was an avid birdwatcher and even after my work took my away from Michigan, we stayed in touch trading bird stories. Last September, I was so excited to share with him that I had my first Rufous. He replied and referred to it as a "Ruhu". He passed away later that month after a long illness. This one is for you Ed - I hope you fly free in the clear blue! You will always be missed.

Enjoying a Sunny Winter Day

Female having a stretch and fluff