Friday, August 29, 2014

Big's Utah Sky #1

Big's Utah Sky #1
7 x 5
UArt Sanded Paper
Price $50
For some bizarre reason, my family refers to me by my middle name only - Lisa. I grew up with a friend named Lisa. Now, one cannot have TWO Lisa's in close proximity without uniquely identifying them in some way. She had red hair and I had very dark brown hair, she was older and I was younger. But, there was one other glaring difference that seemed to stick - and never changed over the years. She is tall and I am short (vertically challenged). She is BIG Lisa and I will forever be Little Lisa (I think growth is a long shot for me now). Why am I telling you this? Well, BIG as I refer to her now, lives in Utah. She likes to send me photos of the BIG beautiful Utah skies. Here's a rendering of one of Big's Sky shots. I'm looking forward to visiting her soon and getting alot more resource photos in beautiful Utah!

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