Sunday, July 13, 2014

R is for Red and Red is for.....

R is for Red
12 x 9
Pastel on Art Spectrum Paper
The "Orange Poppies Blue Window" painting speaks several people. It is being delivered to it's new owner later this week. A couple of folks also liked the orange poppies and one said "Do some RED ones!". So I did. R is for Red and Red is for....Rebecca. 

My mom used to grow some fabulous huge and tall red poppies with dark violet, almost black centers along the walk up to her home. It was a sight to behold in the spring with those poppies waving in the breeze, and later their little salt shaker like pods. I was recently told Mom also liked purple Allium - even though they smelled like garlic. 

From a technique perspective, I'm expanding on my fondness for float mounting by doing rough edges. This one is Art Spectrum paper with the straight white edges torn off. I think I'm really liking this and hope you like the Red Poppies and new edging as well.