Sunday, July 20, 2014

Lotus Contemplation

Lotus Contemplation
12 x 9
Art Spectrum Leaf Green Paper
When our pond was new (2009) we had a Lotus named Perry's Giant Sunburst. It was a gorgeous buttery yellow with lime green. With Buddha overlooking the pond, Perry would bloom and Buddha would contemplate her beauty. We did too. I lost my Lotus over the winter. It was just too harsh. Maybe in a future year I will get another one, but for now, I enjoy her on my easel.

I had started a painting with the Art Spectrum Leaf green paper. It was actually a plein air study of my pond. I was hot and sticky and the painting was just a hot mess. I actually got so frustrated I took some water out of the pond and washed my work away. I pulled out that paper and recycled it to a much better outcome.

I hope you enjoy "Lotus Contemplation". Here's a shot of her in real life on her own and with Buddha. Namaste.

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