Thursday, July 31, 2014

En Garde!

En Garde!
9 x 12
Art Spectrum Storm Blue
It's almost migration time for the hummingbirds. Soon the feeders will be crowded and the fencing will begin. The tiny terrors will be buzzing about and defending their feeders. With those bills, it truly is like a fencing match. Occasionally, their wings clip each other and you hear the crash and pursuant chatter.

I'm still digging through old photos and came across more hummingbirds from last fall. These were taken around the same time when the Rufous from my last post showed up. I literally spent all day outside to get good shots of these guys. This little ruby throat male was quite interesting. He had his eye on the feeders on the screened in porch. He would perch in the large cedar by the porch, constantly surveying his territory and vigorously defending his juice. Each time after the chase, he would return to the same branch, to the exact same spot. Once the sun got to the right level in the sky, as he would turn his head left and right, left and right, I'd get a glimpse of that ruby red throat. He's the ultimate fighter. En Garde!!!

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