Wednesday, July 30, 2014


12 x 9
Art Spectrum Blue Haze
As the dog days of summer continue, I came across a photo of winter and it looked cool and appealing. I also liked the simplicity of this composition and how it echoed the starkness of winter.

This past winter, we had an unexpected guest - a Rufous hummingbird. One arrived in September and then another arrived in late fall. These guys typically live in Oregon, Washington and Canada during summer breeding. They should go all they way Mexico in the winter, but these stayed through the winter and it was a COLD one! We learned that when they winter over in our area, they really depend on feeders. When it froze, we would wrap the feeder with washcloths so it would stay thawed. Even with that, we would sometimes have to change them out for new liquid food. The little guy would show up at the feeder in the morning all puffed up trying to stay warm. He would just sit there and tank up to get going. When he did get going, he was true to his description of being the tiniest and feistiest of the hummingbirds. 

This photo was taken on a grey December day. He would sit in the top branches of our elm tree and survey his territory. In this photo he was looking to the northwest and I wondered "Does he anticipate the change in seasons and look towards home?" So, that's why this painting is named "Anticipation". I too am now anticipating the fall and winter, wondering and hoping that our little guests will return. I hope you enjoy him.

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