Monday, July 7, 2014

Another Morning in Paradise

Paradise Morning
12 x 9 Pastel
Art Spectrum Paper
I took a walk around the yard in the morning and took some photos of blooming plants for inspiration. This is the resulting effort on Burnt Umber Art Spectrum paper. This is a Mexican Bird of Paradise - kind of a sister plant to the Pride of Barbados. It's a prolific and hearty plant and readily seeds as I have several new ones coming up in random places. Sometimes I think of it as the "false eyelashes" plant since the red stamens stick out of the flower like red eyelashes. She is quite an exotic girl.


  1. I like your desert flowers and poppies. Bird of Paradise is a favorite. We are in NM now so hopefully I will be painting.

  2. Thanks Jo! I hope you get some painting in while you are in the land of enchantment!