Sunday, June 22, 2014

Psychedelic Cactus, Lucy and The Beatles

Cactus and the Sky on Fire

Picked up a great set of Jack Richeson Hand Rolled pastels today at the Austin Pastel Society meeting and garage sale. The set has fabulous turquoise, yellows and blues. So, I went to my stack of paintings that I've put in away to return to another time. This set of pastels was the perfect match for this painting. It really added more "fire" to the sky and light in the foreground. As I was finishing up, "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" by the The Beatles played on my Pandora Station. I remember the old "LSD" references about the song and that kind of went with my psychedelic cactus.

This is an variant of the Opuntia genus but in a bluish/pink variety. I found this little beauty in the sun at the Phoenix Desert Botanical Garden. I liked the orange dirt/mulch in the background but decided it would look better with sky vs ground. The name of the panting is a play of "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds." I think I'd definitely like to explore this particular cactus subject again.

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